Upcoming Matchmaker Events

  1. WBENC Summit and Salute
    2. March 18-19, 2015
    3. Baltimore, Maryland
  1. Urban League National Conference
    2. July 29-August 1, 2015
    3. Broward, Florida
  1. WBENC National Conference
    2. June 23-25, 2015
    3. Austin, Texas
  1. Go for the Greens Conference for Business Women
    2. September 17-19, 2015
    3. Orlando, Florida

Matchmaker Meetings Background Information



  1. One on one meetings between a corporate representative and a certified WBE
  2. Scheduled in 15 minute intervals
  3. Opportunity for a WBE to meet with a corporate representative to pitch their product or service
  4. Opportunity for a corporate representative to meet with a WBE to explore contracting opportunities

Application Process

  1. Only for certified WBEs
  2. On-line application (1 page) that the WBE fills out and returns to the WBDC.
  3. The WBDC sends out the applications to the corporations who are participating in the matchmaker
  4. The corporations read the applications and select the WBEs with whom they want to meet
  5. The WBDC contacts the WBEs and lets them know that they have a meeting with the corporation

Benefits for the WBE

  1. Access to a corporation that is interested in exploring business opportunities with you
  2. A chance to pitch your product or service
  3. An opportunity for you to establish a relationship with someone in the corporation that will be your champion

Benefits for the corporation

  1. Access to WBEs who have products or services that the corporation is interested in buying
  2. Opportunity to compare WBEs and their services


WBDC does a workshop and offers counseling on how to prepare for a matchmaker meeting, thereby ensuring that the experience is valuable for both parties.