Are you ready to learn all about certification and what it can do for your minority business?  We’ve put together a helpful guide to help you make an informed decision about getting certified or not.

In most cases, getting certified is a great idea because it acts like a marketing tool that sets you apart.

In this guide, you’ll find helpful information about:

  • The Purpose of Certification
  • The Benefits of Certification
  • Types of Certification
  • Local Certification
  • General Requirements for Certification
  • The Process of Certification
  • Links to Major Certification Organizations
  • Short self-assessment to determine if certification is right for you …

If you believe certification is right for your business, our team encourages you take full advantage of getting certified, championed and connected.  We have resources, programming and a helpful team at the ready to give your company access to business opportunities.

Are you ready to get started?

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Types of Certification