Some Last Minute Prep for The 2018 WBENC National Conference

Preparation, patience and persistence.

So as you prepare for Detroit, here are some words of wisdom to help you prepare for your most successful conference yet:

  • Arrive ready to put your best foot forward and stand out.
  • Create and research your list of “targeted” companies and organizations in advance. The onus is on you to demonstrate what unique value you can bring.
  • Finetune your elevator pitch
  • Finesse your capabilities statement
  • Review procurement needs
  • Prep notes for your MatchMaker meetings.
  • Take advantage of every networking opportunity!
  • Walk the Business Fair floor: more than 350 exhibitors, several industry pavilions, a headshot photo booth, business coaching sessions, and even a “tiny house” filled with Women Owned products! {10 proven ways to get noticed by Corporate Buyers}
  • Engage with other WBEs – you never know who you might meet or where the next business opportunity may be. Will you be a match for every corporation you meet? No. Just as your company has specific needs for the next 12-24 months, so do most large corporations, and sometimes an opportunity is just not there.
  • Gracefully move along to the next target company on your list if you’re not a match! But keep in mind, this is also your opportunity to better understand the needs of some of the country’s largest and most successful corporations – insights that can help your business develop, innovate and grow over time
  • Be a sponge and see what you can learn from having so many incredible leaders under one roof.
  • Have fun and be yourself!
Certified WBENC