Social Media and Expert Status

Social Media and Expert Status

I am often asked to speak at events and until recently all I would do is speak.  I’m a great speaker so the audience got lots of great information, but it was basically a one and done scenario.  Until now. I recently gave a presentation at a national conference and intentionally used social media to educate, promote and reinforce expert status.

The good news:  it worked! AND it was inexpensive and the (audience) reach I got is global.  We live streamed the presentation on Facebook and then did some editing and now we have some clips we can use for different purposes.

We actually used a 3 part approach to this last speaking opportunity:

  1. Pre event promotions on Facebook and via email
  2. During the event– live streaming and interviews of attendees
  3. Post event– you can use the videos to promote yourself and if you interviewed others send the video to them and reap the benefits of cross promotion.  (Let people know you will be doing that and they will be more likely to agree to an interview.)

The keys to success:

  1. Remember to keep everything short and brief
  2. Have more than one person involved in the project
  3. Be timely– mind the pre event dates and also don’t wait too long post event to put things up and send links.
  4. Be authentic.  It’s ok if the lighting is not great.  It’s ok if there is some background noise.  It’s ok if it’s not perfect.  As a matter of fact the more relatable you are to your audience, the more credible you will be in their eyes.

Have you used video to your advantage?  We’d love to hear your ideas and thoughts.

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Nancy Allen