Accepted by major Fortune 500 corporations across the country and a number of federal and government agencies, your WBENC certification will be an important marketing tool for expanding your company’s visibility among decision makers in corporate supplier diversity and procurement.  If you’re ready to take advantage of access, capacity development, recognition, promoting your business a community of support along with leveraging our advocacy, apply for WBENC Certification (you will be taken to WBENCLink2.0).  Download WBENC Standards and Procedures.

Do you meet the criteria for WBENC Certification?   

You must be able to say yes to this criteria for Certification:

  • Fifty-one percent ownership by a woman or women.
  • Proof of effective management and control of the business (operating position, by-laws, hire-fire and other decision-making role, signature role on loans and contracts) contribution of capital and/or expertise
  • Independence
  • S. Citizenship or U.S. Resident Alien Status

Still not sure if you qualify, take a self-assessment here or check out the WBENC Certification FAQs.

Get started with the application process.

Getting certified can take up to 90 days and is an involved process that requires that your company can prove that it is majority owned by a woman or a group of women. Once you have determined your eligibility, it’s time to click the purple button below to be directed to WBENCLink2.0 where you will register for an account so that you can fill out an application for WBENC Certification.

Before completing the application, review the instructions carefully and familiarize yourself with the supporting documentation you will need to provide as a part of your application. You can see some sample documents here.

Some advice: gather all of the documentation you’ll need to fill out the WBENC application prior to getting started (and make a copy for when you’re ready to recertify or apply for a different certification (most of the documents are the same!) You can review FAQs here or contact our Certification Manager, Lisa Roblejo directly.

What to expect after you’ve submitted your WBENC Certification Application:  

  1. Certification Committee Review: A committee who is specifically trained, impartial and experienced will review your application and supporting documents.
  2. Site Visit: A site visit will be conducted for all applications that are reviewed by the Certification Review Committee. The majority owner(s) must be present at the site visit. The site visit must take place at the company headquarters.
  3. Decision: A report is completed after the site visit which is presented at the next committee meeting and the committee decides to award or deny certification. In the event that an application is denied, there is an appeals process which allows an applicant to request further review of the application if she feels that the committee made their decision in error.

We understand you might have more questions before you get started. More information can be found by reading the FAQs here or by contacting Lisa Roblejo, WBDC of FL’s Certification Manager directly.


Corporate Close-Ups

A Corporate Close-Up is organized by one of our corporate sponsors or partners in order to provide information to our WBEs on how to do business with their company. At these events you have an opportunity to meet buyers, managers, and/or supplier diversity executives. Specific information is given for working with buyers in your industry. It is an excellent opportunity for our WBEs to gain an understanding of the vendor application process, industry-specific guidelines and regulations for doing business with these companies, as well as determining where current and future contract opportunities lie.

Matchmaker Events

One on one meetings between a corporate representative and a certified WBE scheduled in 15 minute intervals.

An opportunity for a WBE to meet with a corporate representative to pitch their product or service, as well as an opportunity for a corporate representative to meet with a WBE to explore contracting opportunities.

Application Process
An online application only for certified WBEs.

Benefits for the WBE
Provides access to a corporation that is interested in exploring business opportunities with you, an opportunity to pitch your product or service, as well as an opportunity for you to establish a relationship with someone in the corporation that will be your champion.

Benefits for the corporation
Provides access to WBEs who have products or services that the corporation is interested in buying as well as an opportunity to compare WBEs and their services.

WBDC does a workshop and offers counseling on how to prepare for a matchmaker meeting, thereby ensuring that the experience is valuable for both parties.

Matchmaker Meeting 2015 dates:

WBE Matchups

This is an opportunity for our members to do business with other members. Every month we will highlight 5 WBE’s who will outline 3 services/products they provide and describe 3 products/services they need. This is an opportunity for marketing, exposure, and business development. The page will be archived and successful matches will be celebrated!



WBENC Events

Offering outstanding events to members including Matchmaker events, seminars, workshops, mentoring, corporate close-up and more.