In the spirit of the 12 days of Christmas, how about doing an information campaign about your company that highlights one thing a day for 12 days?  You know the adage people do business with people they know, they like and they trust, right?  How about an intentional campaign that will get people to know you, to like you and to trust you?Here are some ideas to consider:

How to get people to know you:

  1. Tell your story!  Consider doing a video or interview series about why you started your company.
  2. Highlight your staff.  Who has been with you the longest?  Who is the newest member of your team?
  3. Talk about milestones.  For example: anniversaries; number of clients; new clients; new offices; new products/services.
  4. Make a list of 10 things people don’t know about you.  Do you play an instrument? Were you in the Girl Scouts? Where have you traveled?  Do you love to cook/garden/read…

How to get people to like you:

  1. How do you give back? Do you have a favorite charity? Consider starting a business tradition of helping out in your community and invite your clients to join in.
  2. Social media campaigns– hold a contest to increase the “likes” to your pages
  3. Networking and connections– make the networking meetings you attend intentionally about connecting people who should know each other.
  4. Recommend and endorse people and companies on LinkedIn, Yelp, and other social media channels

How to get people to trust you:

  1. List and update your clients on your website.
  2. Use testimonials!  Don’t be afraid to ask for testimonials.  You can make it easy to get testimonials by drafting them yourself — If a client has told you they are happy with your product/service, use their own words and ask if it’s ok to put that up on your website.  Offer to provide a link to their website from yours.
  3. Thought leadership.  Blog, write articles, get quoted in local and national publications.  Offer to provide insight and background to newspapers and local media.
  4. Highlight your awards.  This isn’t bragging. This is informing your existing and potential clients that you are well regarded and celebrated for your achievements.

Not comfortable doing this in a 12 day period?  How about a 12 month campaign where you highlight one thing every month?  You could do one aspect of the monthly highlight weekly. Afterall, you know what they say about marketing, right?  It takes many touches and in different modalities to get noticed.  

Over to you, what have you done to get noticed and stand out among your competition?  What has worked? What has not worked and why?