Government Contracting Part 3: Know your rights!

You’ve heard of Federal Government contracting opportunities, right? Have you considered offering services/products to the Federal Government? This is the third blog post in a series of 3; the first was about the things to consider; the second provided resources available and this post will talk about the information that is publically available to you.


You can find out what bids are available at any time through the General Services Administration (GSA). The GSA agency wide forecast lists all of the bids available and important info about those bids. (See Government Contracting Part 1 of this series for more info).


So as far as knowing your rights—here are 5 things you should know:

  1. You do not have to pay to access the GSA information
  2. If you bid on a contract and you do not receive the award you have the right to request a meeting with the contracting officer. Pay attention to the timeframe/window of opportunity for such meetings! You will not receive assistance after the window.
  3. You should develop a relationship with the contracts officers and decision makers in your industry. You can start doing this by attending the meetings that the different departments host.
  4. You can start with small contracts: many contracts officers have discretionary spending limits and/or no bid ranges—i.e. up to $5,000 can be paid for directly without going out to bid.
  5. There are lots of free resources to help you enter the world of Federal Contracting and organizations with dedicated goals and missions to promoting access for women owned businesses. The main ones are:
    1. The Women’s Business Enterprise National Council ( )
    2. Women Impacting Public Policy ( )
    3. American Express OPEN
    4. The Small Business Administration ( )


AND the WBDC Florida—we process the Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB) program applications on behalf of WBENC which is one of the organizations identified by the SBA as a third party certification organization.


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