Iris Vincent -

Iris Vincent, MBA, WBE

President & Co-Founder Prime Air Corp.



Leadership, Business Management, Supply Chain Management

Before she co-founded Prime Air Corp, Iris Vincent was general manager for Best Ways Air Cargo and USF Worldwide Logistics in Puerto Rico. After taking a six month ‘retirement,’ an opportunity to act as Stevens Global’s Puerto Rico agent arose due to the many changes in aviation security and regulations that resulted from the fateful events of September 11th. With a fierce determination and commitment to #MovingPRForward, Iris and her husband, Tom Vincent, founded Prime Air Corp in 2001 in Puerto Rico. The company is a Full Service Logistic and Transportation Company that specializes in on-time “outside of the box,” tailor-made solutions for handling client emergencies and sensitive shipments. With tenacity and long-term vision, Iris has positioned Prime Air Corp. as one of the leading providers and experts of global logistics, warehousing, and distribution solutions that differentiates themselves by providing personalized service. Under her capable leadership, #TeamPrime has succeeded in providing innovative and specialized solutions to their clients … so much so that Prime Air Corp. is regarded as an ally in the transportation of heavy and critical cargo in the pharmaceutical industry.
Every day I wake up with enthusiasm and a sense of responsibility to help make better lives for my team and their families. Nothing stops us in our endeavor and objective to look with optimism at Puerto Rico’s economic development, to support the growth and strengthening of pharmaceutical and manufacturing companies; in addition to the federal agencies that we serve delivering their products or machinery on schedule quickly and consistently,” shared Iris Vincent.

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