Changing the World One Act of Kindness at a Time by “Paying It Forward”

I’m a big believer in the concept of #PayItForward because connection is one of my core values. It’s important to me that I connect with others and it’s also important that I lead by example and as a coach, to do my part to inspire others to be their best.

Paying it forward is one of those concepts that has the power to change the world one act of kindness at a time—that’s because acts of kindness build exponentially.

Think about it. What if you said good morning to the security guard at your office and the person next to you heard you. They would most likely say good morning too and then the next day, without the prompt they would say good morning and set a pattern. The security guard who might have been invisible before is now visible and that makes the guard feel appreciated and that leads to pride and…. You get the picture.

We all leave a mark, what kind of mark do you want to leave?


The origin of this concept is from a book that Catherine Ryan Hyde wrote. She is the author of Pay It Forward and 14 other novels and founder of the Pay It Forward Foundation. Watch this video where Catherine talks about kindness, and new definitions of changing the world.

Put it into action – 3 simple ways to #PayItForward:

Pay it forward by starting a chain reaction:

—One act repeated because it is witnessed or experienced. There’s a Starbucks in Tampa that recorded that one day 379 customers paid it forward by buying coffee for the person behind them in the drive through line. Ah-mazing! There are coffee shops in France where you can put a coffee “on tab” for homeless people to come and collect.

Pay it forward by doing good deeds:

—Ask for donations to your favorite charity instead of gifts for your birthday. My 80 year old mom does this every year. She invites 30 friends to her party and asks that they bring a bag of groceries. Last year she took 200 pounds of food items to her church’s pantry. I saw a video where a company went to a local grocery store and paid for groceries for random people. A company rep would select someone in line and walk up to them and offer to pay their groceries. All they had to do was accept. The reactions were priceless and ranged from disbelief to tears of joy. Everyone had a smile on their face.

Pay it forward by making generosity a habit:

  • Give compliments: does the cleaning service in your office do a good job? Let them know!
  • Recognize your employees by writing a recommendation for them to post on their LinkedIn profile. Endorse them for the skills they are good at (if they don’t have 50 listed, suggest some so they can max out the opportunity!)
  • Write a testimonial for someone you do business with to publicly praise them for providing great service. Participate actively in the online conversation and when you have good feedback to share, take a moment to write an online review for a restaurant or about one of your clients. The opportunities are endless in today’s Web 2.0 world!
  • Offer pro bono work to a school or nonprofit organization
  • Donate to Dress for Success and help a woman land a job!

Did you know?

Saturday, April 28, 2018 is Pay It Forward Day.  There is even an international Pay It Forward Movement. This is the kind of stuff that feeds my soul and makes my heart happy. When did you last pay it forward?  I invite you to tell me about it in the comments and perhaps others will be inspired by your spirit of giving.

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