26 May 2018 – Nancy’s Notes & Anecdotes

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I wanted to welcome you [back] to my Nancy’s Notes & Anecdotes where I hope you will find helpful tidbits of inspiration and insight that I stumble across on my journey helping women in business be more successful. Let’s chat.

Important note: You’ve probably heard the term GDPR quite a bit this week. It stands for Global Data Protection Regulation. In accordance, we have updated our Privacy Policy. This policy covers information about your rights as a user, including the right to access their personal data that you store, to delete it or change the usage permissions.

Book I’m Reading:

52 Lists for Happiness: Weekly Journaling for Positivity, Balance, and Joy, by Moorea Seal. True confessions: I LOVE to make lists. This is a wonderful journal that promotes making lists! She has divided the 52 lists (one per week) into 4 categories: Reflect, Acknowledge, Invest, and Transform. As the title implies, it’s all about keeping happiness as a goal and being intentional about it. Each list has 2 pages to write on and a prompt to “Take Action” which offers some practical ways to reflect on the list.

52 Lists for Happiness: Weekly Journaling for Positivity, Balance, and Joy

Meetings I’m attending:

This week I had the pleasure to present a teleconference training workshop on how to create 30 day online challenges that motivate, manage and monetize your groups (if you’re interested, I’ll send you the replay). The best thing about teleconferences is that your audience can be global (!) – even one of my dear friends from Italy was able to participate on the call.

On a side note, have you thought about participating or actually participated in an online challenge? I try and stay focused on one every 30 days. The one I led earlier this year was called Gratitude and Thank You Note 30 Day Challenge, and that was a lot of fun for everyone involved! I was overjoyed at the sharing and the impact that it had on the lives of those who participated. I invite you to join our Facebook Group, here.

Ideas I’m Noodling…

… what small actions I can take to bring joy to someone’s life. One of the journal prompts from the 52 Lists book I mentioned above is to list the ways you feel lucky.

The action prompt is to ‘hide something special in a secret corner of your neighborhood: place a crystal along a popular path, hide five dollars under a park bench, or leave an encouraging note in a library book for someone to find.

One small action will surely bring joy to their life and inevitably give them that feeling of luck.’ Wow, just wow!

I’m following…

Stephanie McFee, Connections Curator extraordinaire. Steph recently did a post about the fact that we are 2 people/connections away from someone who can change our lives. I believe it! I’ve seen that happen to me and to others.

If you are eager to understand more about connectivity and the power of the connections you have or could build, I urge you to reach out to Steph! Join here tribe here.

Connections Curator


…getting much needed rest and (lots of!) homemade chicken soup. I decided this time to just accept the fact that I was sick and needed to sleep longer and let some things on my list go… and guess what? Everyone understood. I’m so glad I did that because I needed the rest – sleep is essential and the ripple effect is significant when we aren’t getting of it. Are you putting yourself first?





Nancy Allen

Certified WBENC