20 April 2018 – Nancy’s Notes & Anecdotes

I wanted to welcome you [back] to my Nancy’s Notes & Anecdotes where I hope you will find helpful tidbits of inspiration and insight that I stumble across on my journey. Please do share your thoughts with me – we learn and grow together and from each other as we collaborate to help women in business shine!

“Fear is like a black cavern that is terrifying. Once you enter the cavern and explore it, you realize that you can get out of it, go through it and get out of it.” (Isabel Allende)

Meetings I’m attending:

It’s been a busy week, but if you know me, you know that is how I like it!

I thoroughly enjoyed attending this year’s WECAI Promote and Prosper event where I connected with so many high-achieving women business owners. The Multicultural Marketing Panel was especially dynamic and inspirational.


Book I’m reading

The Go-Giver: a Little Story About a Powerful Business Idea, by Bob Burg and John David Mann. Great book with an easy to understand and implement concept: “be a giving person period: one who gives thought, gives attention, gives care, gives focus, gives time and energy– gives value to others.” What does your giving and receiving scale look like? Is it balance or tipping more in one direction? What do you think?

The Go-Giver Book Summary


Ideas I’m Noodling…

Newtonian vs Einsteinian time: the idea that time is personal and moves slowly or quickly depending on where the individual is and what she is doing…YES! This is why time flies when you’re in flow and ticks slowly by when you are someplace or doing something you don’t want to be doing. Check out this synopsis, here.

 time is personal and moves slowly or quickly depending on where the individual is and what she is doing

I’m following…

Women Helping Women Entrepreneurs on Facebook – this group is for Female Entrepreneurs from around the Globe who want to help each other prosper and share their successes and share, uplift, help and inspire each other! Connection, creativity and courage on display day in and day out. I’m sooo very impressed. Check it out and let me know what you think…

Calling all creative women


… new coaching clients. Standing my ground when negotiating. Corporate training, individual coaching, international consulting, connecting with women in business; it’s been a busy and productive week! Please tell me about your week, I’d love to hear what you’re celebrating…

Nancy Allen

Certified WBENC