09 May 2018: Certified or Certifiable: Leverage your status as a women owned business

Have you thanked a teacher for Teacher Appreciation Week?

Whether you have kids in school or not, chances are you still have a soft spot for a teacher who made a difference in your world … and if you really thought about it, you’d likely realize you have teachers in your life today – whether they have the official title of teacher or not! T

This is a great opportunity to show gratitude and get creative – and if you’ve been following me for a while now, you will know that those are two of my favorite things, but combine the two in search of a result… and I am over the moon!

When my son was in school, I always enjoyed coming up with new ways to make sure his V.I.T.’s felt appreciated for the positive impact that they were making on my son’s future.

You probably know that preventing and coping with workplace stress is one of the biggest challenges that employees and employers face today. May I give you a few statistics for you to consider?

Statistics on Mental Health in the Workplace:

  • Over 80% of US workers admit that they are stressed on a regular basis
  • Over $300 billion of lost productivity due to stress related issues
  • The majority of workplace accidents are due in large part to stress
  • Presenteeism is on the rise (being at work, even if sick due to fear of being absent)
  • Increased health care costs due to stress
  • Less than 50% of workers think their employers care about work/life balance

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