08 June 2018 – Nancy’s Notes & Anecdotes

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I wanted to welcome you [back] to my Nancy’s Notes & Anecdotes where I hope you will find helpful tidbits of inspiration and insight that I stumble across on my journey helping women in business be more successful. Let’s chat.

On my reading list:

Ask for It: How Women Can Use the Power of Negotiation to Get What They Really Wantby Linda Babcock and Sara Laschever. This book has some key takeaways that can be used in all negotiations:

  • Do your homework, be prepared and practice. We’ve all heard this before, but it’s a good reminder!
  • Embrace and put the power of the pause to work for you if you are feeling rushed or unsure.
  • Women tend to undervalue their work and worth. Remember Natalie, you’re worth EVERY penny you charge for your expertise (unique) and your time (limited).

Take a peek into this book on Amazon: amzn.to/2Lzy5TU

hosted by Christina Rowe, founder of Women Helping Women Entrepreneurs

How I spent my time:

I attended a great luncheon meeting yesterday hosted by Christina Rowe, founder of Women Helping Women Entrepreneurs. If you know me, this is a topic I groove on – and getting the opportunity to spend time with powerful and successful women is always on my agenda.

The meeting was a success as a result of a few key elements:

  • there was dedicated time set aside for the group to get to know each other
  • we all had an opportunity to share a challenge and get some feedback/ideas during the breakout brainstorming sessions
  • the information shared was relevant and helpful

I especially enjoyed when Christina shared really important updates related to groups from Facebook (she was invited to a special meeting at their headquarters since she runs a successful 70,000+ member group! You might want to join her group here!).

I left the meeting with new contacts, pages and pages of notes on how to use new bells and whistles for Facebook groups, and so much inspiration for ways to help women entrepreneurs solve the unique challenges that we face.

That’s what I call a successful meeting! I’d love to hear an example from your experience, please share ~ we all learn and grow from each other’s successes (and failures), don’t you agree?


Ideas I’m Noodling…

I’ve been thinking about personal mission statements and how they fit into our professional lives. I had an opportunity to talk to a dear friend of mine who is an event planner – so you can imagine she’s used to thinking BIG. Well, let me tell you, she shared hers with me, and Natalie. it left me floored.

How about this Natalie, her mission in life is to “fight for professional parity for women because until this is achieved, women will not be in a position to enjoy equality in any other areas of their lives.”

personal mission statements and how they fit into our professional lives

I’m exploring…

SkillShare.com offers over 20,000 different courses in design, business, photography, tech and so much more. If you’re a learner like me, you’ll be foaming at the mouth at the sheer number of classes you can have access to online.

And I’m especially excited about the opportunity to teach a class too! I know you’re probably thinking to yourself that you don’t have a class in you … I bet if you stopped to think about it that you would find that there is a unique skill you possess that people would be interested in learning.

A great coach and mentor of mine reminds me that you just need to be two steps beyond your target audience. What you think of as basic is not to someone starting out. Just think about shortening learning curves … that would be incredibly valuable and rewarding, don’t you agree?

I’m Celebrating…

Monica Reyes' awareness weekend experience

Getting ready to attend my friend Monica Reyes’ awareness weekend experienceI’m really looking forward to two days of community with a small group of women, led by an experienced facilitator who will help us explore the meaning of awareness: how we see ourselves, the world around us, and how we begin to choose how to show up every day.

This is so powerful I had to share from her site: “In group consciousness, an entanglement occurs – where each of us connect with each other, although for a short period of time, the entanglement is deep and moving. All brought together by divine timing, each in our Universe, coming together to create something new, an eco-system.

What you’ll find in this experience is Authenticity and Present Moment Awareness. This experience has been intentionally designed for those who lead. Whether you lead an organization, a community, a family – this is a call to lead with intention.” Her next session is in September – you can see more details and her agenda here.


Nancy Allen

Certified WBENC