01 June 2018 – Nancy’s Notes & Anecdotes

A quote by John Maxwell

I wanted to welcome you [back] to my Nancy’s Notes & Anecdotes where I hope you will find helpful tidbits of inspiration and insight that I stumble across on my journey helping women in business be more successful. Let’s chat.

Book I’m reading:

Daily Rituals by Mason Currey. True confessions: I absolutely and unequivocally love rituals. If you know me well, you may already know that I thrive on rituals. This little book is all about daily rituals– what to do, how to do it and why you might want to incorporate this type of routine into your life. Whether you love rituals or don’t know that you do (yet!), I think you’ll love this book as someone who is excited to increase your success – because it gives interesting details and insight into what some great authors, artists, composers and thinkers do day in, day out to make them successful. I hope that like me, these windows into the routines of William Faulkner, Gertrude Stein, Jane Austen, Anne Rice and Maya Angelou among so many others will also inspire you to be more intentional in your day-to-day and find that the rituals set you up for success more often than not!

Daily Rituals by Mason Currey

Think on this“A solid routine fosters a well-worn groove for one’s mental energies and helps stave off the tyranny of moods.” (Mason Currey)

Even if you don’t buy Currey’s book, take a moment to stop and think about some of the routines you already have in place, intentionally or unintentionally – where could you simplify? One of my favorite things I read in this book was: “…he thought you wanted to put part of your life on autopilot; by forming good habits, William James said, we can “free our minds to advance to really interesting fields of action.” How about that?



Meetings I’m attending:

This week a group of us got together to prepare for an important event next week. I love these prep meetings – having fresh eyes on something is so important, especially before you deliver it to the world. It also helps to get together because these group-brainstorming sessions put things in perspective and allow everyone involved to make sure that we look at all angles/issues that might come up. This group has a common denominator but the individual members bring varied and nuanced experience that makes us ideally suited to work as a team, and best of all, ideally suited to crank out a superb result.

If you’ve been following me for a bit, you know that I truly believe in the importance of strategic alliances – connections plus creativity make for powerful alliances who can take on the world.

When was the last time you came together with your team to consider something strategically? It’s easy to do and allows for all of the team members to shine. Once everyone’s role is laid out and valued, it fosters buy-in with the added benefit of each person’s investment in the success of the other people in the group. I love collaboration!

Ideas I’m Noodling…

how where you are right now fulfills dreams and desires of your pastI recently completed a list of “how where you are right now fulfills dreams and desires of your past” (from the book 52 Lists for Happiness by Moorea Seal). Wow! This was a great exercise because it helped me to see how many of the things I wanted to do 5 years ago actually got done!

That put a big smile on my face! I am proud to say I accomplished these things:

  • speaking about women entrepreneurs on an international stage, check.
  • one-on-one coaching, check.
  • corporate consulting, check.
  • a healthy business reserves account, check.

I ended up with a list of 15 things that I am currently doing (professionally and personally) that were goals just 5 years ago. I challenge you to do this exercise and I bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised! It’s amazing what happens when we take time to stop and smell the roses. Let me know what you find out here.

I’m following…

Harvard Business Review (HBR) Women at Work podcast: The Advice We Get and Give.Wow! What an interesting podcast … I love that they shared some of the best and worst advice that women in business have gotten. These are some of the great tidbits they shared that resonated with me and inspire me:

  • it’s not your job to be liked
  • negotiate harder
  • don’t be such a perfectionist
  • get more sleep
  • maintain the visibility of your work in front of others so that it’s not lost out and all my hard work is seen
  • learn to ask questions, don’t defend – you are in a stronger position

The women who received this advice were hopefully getting it from their mentor. Mentoring is one of my favorite topics Natalie! If you know someone who is interested in being mentored or becoming a mentor, please let me know here.

What would you add to the list above Natalie? I would love to compile a list of great advice for the young ladies coming up behind us. Please tell me here.


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Nancy Allen

Certified WBENC