As we head into 2018 … Review. Renew. Rinse and Repeat?

True confessions: I’m a planner. I’m goal oriented and I’m a big picture thinker. That’s why I like the last week in the year—tucked in between Christmas and the New Year—I think that’s the perfect time to review accomplishments, renew strategies and goals, and decide what I can rinse and repeat.  This helps... Read more →

Identify your Anchors & Engines

“Surround yourself with people who lift you up.” “You are the reflection of the 5 people you spend the most time with.” “A true friend is someone who reminds you of who you are when you forget.” We’ve all heard these idioms or some variation of them, right? I have found... Read more →

Perfecting Your Pitch

By Ericka Sciarrino The pitch is a delicate balance of a concise, meaningful narrative and fierce preparation that tells your potential client why you can solve their most pressing problem. There are some basics to consider when getting your presentation together but also a deeper look into each step will... Read more →

Women Owned logo and why you should use it

WBENC, Walmart and WEConnect International have joined forces to promote products that are manufactured by women through the use of a Women Owned logo.   The GREAT news is that if you are certified with WBENC you can use the Women Owned logo on your marketing materials. The logo is... Read more →

Government Contracting Part 3: Know your rights!

You’ve heard of Federal Government contracting opportunities, right? Have you considered offering services/products to the Federal Government? This is the third blog post in a series of 3; the first was about the things to consider; the second provided resources available and this post will talk about the information that... Read more →

Government Contracting Part 2 of 3: Resources available

So you are interested in Government Contracting—CONGRATULATIONS!   This blog post will give you information about resources available to help you understand and start and/or manage the process. The first thing you should know is that there are several organizations dedicated to helping more women access federal contracting opportunities: WBENC–... Read more →

Matchmaker Demystified!

Hello WBEs—the WBENC Conference is around the corner and that means you have an opportunity to apply for matchmaker meetings with representatives from Top Corporations. Last year there were over...

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