Susan Davis, Priority Project Resources

“Because I am certified, I have gotten out of my comfort zone and met people I never thought I’d meet.  I have gotten some WBE-to-WBE contracts and it’s just been a wonderful experience.”


Terri Hall, DoubleTake Marketing and PR by Design

“Because I am certified I’ve gotten to meet a multitude of women who have become clients of mine – and these are people who I would never have met otherwise.”


Brenda Loube, Corporate Fitness Works

“Because I am certified I have had access and opportunities to meet corporate members for future business opportunities.”


Iris Vincent, Prime Air Corp.

“Because I am certified, I got 5 government contracts.  My certification differentiated my women-owned business and created a niche in the area of fixed assets materials.”


Donna Best, Merit Fasteners Corporation

Certified WBENC